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Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

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Known around the world, the 78-card Tarot pack known as the “Rider Deck” was drawn by Miss Pamela Colman Smith under the supervision of Dr. Arthur Edward Waite. This deck continues to be one of the most popular cartomancy Tarots within the occult community.

The Rider Waite Deck deck exudes a pure etheric energy. The Universal Waite Tarot is considered a premier deck based upon the potency of symbolism. According to Dr. Waite himself: “The true tarot is symbolism; it speaks no other language and offers no other signs.” Whereas ‘perception’ and ‘psychological process’ are seemingly unique to individuals and that of their incarnation; the Waite Tarot dials in on the great trend of souls reentering from life unto life. The range of human scenarios portrayed in the inspired art of the deck exemplifies an energy. More common energy conveyed throughout the plethora of lifetimes, paralleled under the inspired supervision of the Dr. Arthur Edward Waite specific selections which portray conveniently to the clairvoyant aspects of the reader’s being.

The quality of these displays within the art work of the 78 cards comprising the deck, 22 Major Arcana, along with 56 Minor Arcana of the elements; Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Along the way, or by design, the Universal Waite Tarot transforms the principle facets of human experience into comprehensible metaphor. This relays the abstract spirit, and it’s sacred designs of order into something tangible achieved through symbols that the cards within the deck connect with.

The art is modern in the post ‘medieval’ variety, portraying a classical aristocratic variant in hierarchy in that of page, knight, Queen and King.


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